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Five Tips to Help You Survive the February 10 Prabal Gurung for Target Release

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Another day, another capsule collection for Target. Prabal Gurung for Target launches Sunday, February 10 at Target stores around the country and, of course, at Target.com. Now that I have a few capsule collections under my belt (Missoni and Jason Wu, specifically) my gut instinct to get excited is tempered by memories of thrown elbows, Gang of Three Garment Grabbers, and (of course) buyer's remorse.

Prabal Gurung is a relatively new face in fashion, having launched his own collection--at New York Fashion Week--in 2009. His aesthetic is clean but feminine, and he has dressed fashion rock stars Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton, as well as "It Girl" Jennifer Lawrence, among many others.

Here's a quick peek at what you can expect, and a few tips to help you survive the madness at the Prabal Gurung for Target launch on February 10. No promises about whether you will emerge "unscathed" but these tips are designed to at least keep you competitive.

Modern florals done in a young, edgy style define Prabal Gurung's Target collection. Color-blocking, sheer and peek-a-boo panels, and flouncy, yet restrained ruffles also make an appearance. Clothing retails for between $19.99 and $199.99, and accessories are priced between $12.99 and $39.99. The clothes combine shapes that are distinctly American (think sportswear) with colors and patterns that hint at Gurung's exotic background; born in Singapore, but raised in Nepal, and an early career in India, Prabal Gurung worked with American designers like Donna Karan, Cynthia Rowley, and Bill Blass.

If you want to score Prabal Gurung, and do so with minimal bodily injury, here are five tips to help you survive the latest in Target's capsule collection craze:

1. Do advance research: You can go to a bigger, more popular Target--they will probably have a larger selection of clothing and sizes--or you can try a smaller, out-of-the-way store where you may have a better chance to snatch up your favorite items. (A friend of mine had easy pickings in Rosenberg when Jason Wu was released.)

2. Team up and spread out: Rather than you and your friends all going to the same Target, split up with lists and sizes and preferences. You'll cover more ground, and improve your chances of scoring pieces but without making people hate you for working as an obvious team.

3. Set your alarm and eat breakfast: It's going to be a long morning, so fuel up. Stick a banana in your purse, and a bottle of water. Bring a coffee. At the very least, hot coffee can be used as a threat if someone tries to cut in line. (Note: Don't actually throw hot coffee on anyone.)

4. Decide what you want now: Look through the slideshow (linked above) and get serious about what you want, and focus on finding those items first. Don't get discouraged if you fail to score something--go back on Monday or Tuesday to see what has been returned. Trust me, there will be returns.

5. Stalk the dressing room return racks: This strategy worked well for most of us who were cock-blocked by teams of women working together to clear the racks before the rest of us crossed the threshold. Be patient, watch what is being returned, and smile--be nice to your fellow Gurung fans and you might be able to trade someone for the right size, rather than tackle them and snatch it from them.

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