Five Ways to Spot a Frenemy & Why They're Really Not The Best Idea

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Ever question whether or not your friends are really your friends? I think all of us females are guilty of it. We become friends with that woman we aren't sure we can trust... And unfortunately we live in a society that encourages us to adopt these "frenemies" as if there is some benefit to being friends with them. Well if you're like me, you'd rather have no friends than a bunch of fake friends... so here are five ways to spot a frenemy.

5. She likes to gossip. If she likes to talk to you about that "horrible outfit that so and so is wearing" or thinks "that guy could do so much better than her" or if her favorite show is The Kardashians, then you need to run away. It doesn't take too much common sense to know that people that talk negatively about other people without good reason are usually talking about you the same way. Another give away is that she will also dig for dirt. If you feel often times that with her you are being interrogated then stop yourself before you tell her too much. She wants to have dirt on you. And move away.

4. They're never happy for your accomplishments.... In other words, they always have to one up you. Sometimes they want what you have and hate if you get it first. Why?? Who knows, but it really bugs them not to be the best. This applies for guys too, who tend to be just as competitive as females when it comes to jobs and relationships.

3. You don't feel you can trust her with just anything. Could you tell her a secret and know that she won't tell a soul? Do you feel you can tell her even the most horrible thoughts in your mind and she won't judge you? If you have to think for more than five seconds about the answers to these questions then you have a frenemy. A true friend is someone who will be there for you no matter what. Someone that tries to relate to your problems and who will listen without judgment, but will also always give you an honest answer. Frenemies will tell you what you want to hear and could care less about giving good advice. In fact, they know that's not what there giving, but are hoping you're dumb enough to take it.

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2. She is a little friendly and flirty with your guy. She is so happy you have a good guy. She wishes she could find a good guy like him. If this girl is one of those women you have seen be quick to steal someone else's dude or she likes a lot of male attention... or she seems to have no sense of morals... it's probably best to rid yourself of this friend or keep her as far away from you guy as possible. People who do these things usually have no boundaries and can never be fully trustworthy.

1. Everything is about them. If she is that 'alpha' chick then just know that you will always have to be second to her. If she feels one-up'd by you believe me she will have no trouble cutting you loose for a friend who seems a little less competitive. She will never compliment your new outfit or hairstyle. In fact, she usually says nothing or responds with a half-smile, but expects that you notice and praise her beauty immediately. You must listen to every detail of her entire day, life. etc,... So if this sounds like your "bestie" then time to find a new friend.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.