Five World Leaders In Search Of A Dance Instructor

Sure, Barack Obama's speech announcing the death of Osama bin Laden was heavy with seriousness and sobreity. But don't think Obama didn't break out into his own version of Chris Turk's I just won an argument/In your face/There's a sale on lotion dance when he got the news of Osama bin Laden's death.

Obama's not the only world leader who likes to let loose every now and again. Better still, he's not the only one who caught caught in front of a camera. After all, when you're cooped up in meetings all day and "Crazy in Love" comes on the radio, will you really care if an aide is standing right next to you, capturing it all on his phone? Probably not right away. Hell to pay in the morning, though.

Here are five world leaders who just couldn't resist getting their grooves on.

Michelle Obama

The First Lady recently participated in a "flash workout" with 500 middle-school students to publicize her "Let's Move" initiative to combat childhood obesity. Michelle gets down with "The Dougie," and "The Running Man," provacatively twisting her arms and bouncing around. If that whole politics thing hadn't worked out, she could've been a clubgirl. Still, you have to wonder how many calories stepping from side to side is really burning. And what about all the kids (C-students?) just standing around outside the ropes, wishing they could get thin, if only the Secret Service would let them?

Dmitri Medvedev Dmitri Medvedev was the plush teddy bear to Vladimir Putin's gnarly dragon until this video surfaced. Now he's been demoted to one of those horrendous babies in an Anne Geddes photograph (he's the one in the gray suit). You've got to give him some credit for his cocksure strut, but we all know at some point in the night he probably yelled "We are...two wild and crazy guys!"

George W. Bush Tapdancing Insert politician-tapdancing-around-issue joke here.

Prince William Prince William and his brother Harry have lately been lauded as members of a generation of "cool" royals. And here we have video proof of it. After all, what's cooler than swaying back and forth in your concert-going garb of blazers and button-downs? I wonder what they're saying right now. I bet it includes the words "Rah-ther" and "Put your damn hands up."

Bollywood Stephen Harper Canada is boring, and it has the prime minister to prove it. During his 2009 visit to an Indian reality show set, Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen managed a few handclaps while barely shuffling their feet as sequin-clad dancers bounced around them. He whispers something to Laureen: Probably something along the lines of "I don't get culture." According to the Canadian Broadcasting Company, Harper, the Conservative leader in Canada, has long sought to improve his party's relations with Indo-Canadians, who tend to vote...Oh sorry, I fell asleep for a second.

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