Five Years After Her Death, Great Photos Of Anna Nicole Smith (Sorta-SFW)

It was five years ago today that model, actress, reality star, and would be millionaire widow Anna Nicole Smith passed away in Miami at the age of 39 due to a drug overdose. She left behind a baby daughter, Dannielynn. She was preceded in death by her son Daniel.

The storm of controversy around her death -- the circumstances of the overdose, her will, her burial in the Bahamas nearly a month later -- all capped a life that seemed to be lived extremely loud and incredibly odd.

There was the beginnings as a stripper here in Houston, the Playboy covers -- she was named Playmate Of The Year in 1993 -- the Guess Jeans ads, the Marilyn Monroe resemblance and image that was foisted on her.

Her relationship with mega-tycoon J. Howard Marshall and their quickie marriage would have her going in and out of courthouses for almost a decade, contesting his will after he died in 1995, and going up against his furious heirs. She never saw any of the money in her lifetime, and the U.S. Supreme Court would rule in 2011 that her daughter, her heir, wouldn't see any of it either.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty