Flu So Pretty: 13 Ways to Feel/Look Slightly Less Gross When Sick

If you are one of the helpless victims of this year's flu--or even just a really bad case of seasonal allergies--chances are you've found yourself bedridden in the last few months. And because there are only so many syndicated episodes of Parks and Recreation one can watch, you may have found yourself extremely -- even terminally -- bored during your illness and recovery.

You also probably found yourself, after a day or two, to be pretty freaking gross looking. While there is no reason to embark upon a full, Academy Awards-level grooming during a bout of the flu, there is something to be said about using that "lost time" to make you feel better by doing small, no-to-low effort things that may even help you look a little better. As Billy Crystal's Fernando points out, "It's not how you feel -- it's how you look."

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Christina Uticone