Forget Freud

You're walking through a strange house, wearing flannel pajamas. All of a sudden, a black panther leaps into your path, baring his teeth. You try to scream, but no sound comes out. Then your mailman swings by like Tarzan and scoops you out of harm's way. You turn to thank him, but he's not the mailman anymore. He's the Rock, oiled up and looking beefy. Suddenly your pj's disappear, and the Rock looks at you like you're a steak dinner. But alas, your alarm buzzes, and you have to go pee.

Was it just a wet dream? Perhaps your ancestors are sending you messages, disguised as fantasy nookie. Perhaps your dream is encoded with clues about the future. The psychics of the Mystical Connections Tour can help you decipher your dreams and any other communications you might be receiving. The event will feature lectures by angel experts and psychics about their abilities and how to develop your own. If the spirit moves them, they may also pick attendees from the audience for live psychic readings.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., author of Archangels and Ascended Masters and a featured tour speaker, believes that everyone has telepathic powers that, with time and practice, can be developed into valuable tools, like the ability to see into the future. "We've all had experiences of thinking about an old friend, and then running into that person at the store," she says. "To me, the sixth sense is a God-given natural ability…The biggest block to being truly psychic is fear, fear of seeming crazy or doing something wrong."

Virtue believes her metaphysical powers were bestowed upon her by God himself. "I used to argue with God and my angels and not believe what they told me to do," she remembers. "Then they saved my life on July 15, 1996, during an armed car-jacking in Anaheim, California." Since then, Virtue says, she's done her best to repay God by teaching others how to listen to that inner voice. "If He gives me a new assignment, then I'll do something else," she says. "But as of right now, He still wants me to continue teaching people to trust their intuition."

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Felicia Johnson-LeBlanc