FotoFest Discoveries

FotoFest is an internationally respected citywide exhibition of photography whose only shortcoming, some would say, can be found in the fact that it's a biennial celebration. Two years is a long time to wait between the visual feast FotoFest famously offers its patrons. But here's good news for those eager patrons: FotoFest Discoveries fills the void. ''This exhibition, like the title implies, is about discovery,'' says FotoFest Press Coordinator Vinod Hopson. ''It is meant to activate spaces, like building lobbies and corridors, that are often seen as merely transitional — the 'space' between spaces, as it were.'' The exhibit, examining contemporary photography by 15 international artists, is punctuated with midday ''mini-tours'' conducted by FotoFest Associate Curator and Exhibitions Coordinator Jennifer Ward. ''We understand that the lunch hour is precious personal time for most office workers. They are forced to squeeze in lunch, errands and sometimes exercise,'' Hopson empathizes. ''We are not trying to disrupt their routine. We'd like to add to it.''

7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays. Through September 27. One Allen Center, 500 Dallas; Two Allen Center, 1200 Smith; Three Allen Center, 333 Clay and 1600 Smith. For information, call 713-223-5522 or visit Free.
Mondays-Fridays, 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Starts: July 15. Continues through Sept. 27, 2013

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Nancy Ford
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