Found Magazine’s There Goes the Neighborhood Tour

Found Magazine’s There Goes the Neighborhood Tour is in support of Found #5: The Crime Issue. “We’re not being too exclusive,” says Peter Rothbart. “We’re giving a broad interpretation of crime, for example, crimes of the heart or just general mischief.” Peter Rothbart’s brother Davy Rothbart started Found, a magazine dedicated to lost lists, photos, letters and more.

For this tour, the brothers will play songs inspired by finds in the new issue. One letter found in Oregon City, Oregon makes for perfect fodder. In the letter, a boy confesses his love to a girl he’s known for a decade. “What’s inspired him to tell her finally how he feels about her is that he’s had this awakening — sort of realized his life’s ambition, which is to build and race the fastest Nissans in the Northwest,” says Peter. “He’s not overreaching. Baddest Nissans in the country or in North America — that would be way too much, maybe someday.”

The boy’s hopes, however small, inspired Peter to create a tune. “I took a lot of the original words and phrases from it, and I mixed it together with some of my own material and came up with the song, which I call ‘The Baddest Nissans in the Northwest.’”

Davy Rothbart will explain other finds, including a large box of files about a former FBI agent. “As you’re reading you come to see he’s a particularly inept FBI agent,” Peter says. “There’s letters between him and J. Edgar Hoover about why he keeps losing his gun.” Even more curious then how this agent kept his job, is where his files finally wound up. “What’s most amazing about it is: Where did this come from? Why did these guy’s life files end up in a dumpster in Indiana?” Offer up your own ideas and get the lowdown on other finds at 8 p.m. Aurora Picture Show, 800 Aurora. For information, call 713-868-2101 or visit $6.
Fri., Dec. 7, 8-10 p.m., 2007

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