Frank Lloyd Wright: 10 Iconic Buildings

Thaxton House, Houston's only house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright is considered by many to be the 20th century's greatest architect. His work spans more than 1100 buildings, including homes, museums, churches and even a gas station, as well as countless home furnishings such as lamps and furniture.

Wright's unconventional designs were based on his reverence of the American experience and his desire to create a uniquely American architecture that was not based on European models. He turned to nature and the American landscape for inspiration.

Today marks the 144th anniversary of Wright's birth, so we took to Flickr to find some of his most interesting, bizarre and beautiful structures

10. Gordon House

Gordon House

9. Massaro House

The Last Frank Lloyd Wright house

8. Rosenbaum House

Frank Lloyd Wright

7. Cedar Rock

Cedar Rock - 2006 May (13)

6. Florida Southern College Chapel

Frank Lloyd Wright FSC Chapel

5. Bernard Schwartz House


4. Wingspread

Wingspread {Explored}

3. Falling Water

Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water

2. Minnesota gas station

Frank Lloyd Wright Gas Station

1. The Guggenheim Museum

[ Guggenheim Museum ]

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