Freddy Lives! 6 Other Characters we Demand be Added to Mortal Kombat

When Soulcalibur II came out in 2003, Namco took the amazing step of adding in a specific crossover character for each system's release, a truly revolutionary idea. The Gamecube release got Link from the Legend of Zelda, Xbox players snagged Spawn, and PS2 gamers were given perennial Tekken badass Heihachi Mishima.

So crossover characters in fighting games are nothing new, and when the latest Mortal Kombat was released with the announcement that Kratos from God of War would make an appearance we didn't bat an eye. His violent murder of half of Greece in the series fit perfectly with the Mortal Kombat universe.

Now, NetherRealm studios has announced a new character for download, and when we read the headline we thought, "No way. NO one is both genius enough and has the kind of diplomatic clout to make this happen."

Here comes a new combatant, and his name is Frederick Charles Krueger. Yes, you can actually fight as the legendary slasher of Elm Street. Witness the win below.


Of note is that the Freddy model used in the game is obviously the remake version played by Jackie Earl Haley rather then the original portrayed by Robert Englund, which since the game itself is a reboot we realize is actually perfectly appropriate. Also, Freddy sports his trademark glove on both hands, a move we're ambivalent about, but other than that, every single thing about that video is a dream come true.

Well alright, NetherRealm, you've thrown down the gauntlet. If you're willing to pull characters from other realms of fiction besides video games, we've got six suggestions for you. Plus, just for fun, we'll pull each character from a different entertainment medium.

Comics - Lobo

It was hard not to go with Judge Dredd here, but we still haven't forgiven the filmmakers (And never will).

The fact that they already made a crossover game with DC and didn't include the famously over-the-top, violent, ultimate bastich is proof that either there is no God, or even he is afraid to go near Lobo. For those of you who haven't witnessed sheer inhuman majesty of the character, he is the last of a race called Czarnians because he killed every other member of that race. Also, he has a transmitter implanted in his brain that constantly blasts heavy metal music. Basically, he's Kano turned up to pi.

Fatality: Oh, jeez, the possibilities. Up in the sky, sleigh bells jingle and a jolly laugh sounds. Lobo pulls out a rocket launcher, shooting down Santa Claus and having the flaming sleigh and all eight reindeer land on his opponents, splattering them.

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