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Free Game Day: Barons Gate 2

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It's Friday, and we know you're just going to play on the Internet until it's time to leave work. Each week we'll be bringing you a free flash game to help the time pass!

Game: Barons Gate 2 Genre: Action RPG Made By: Dragosha Games Play at: Armor Games/Kongregate Rating: 4 out of 5

I never did get around to playing the first Barons Gate, but judging from the storytelling in the sequel, I didn't miss much. Princess. Dragon. Hero. Quest. It's a little one-dimensional, but so is Adventure of Link and I still love that game.

Barons Gate 2 is standard, but fun. For such a simple game it really does reward ingenuity. Though you look like you're limited to just your bow for much of the game, the environment becomes your ally at every turn. If you're paying attention, you'll have plenty of chances to drop things on enemies or hit well placed explosives.

That's what makes Barons Gate a cut above the average fantasy sidescroller. It's a very strategically thinking game. You had better be prepared to not panic and master the art of the head shot because if you fire blindly as if it's a Contra title, you're not going to make it long. There are plenty of enemies that you can waltz through, but among them are the ones you're going to be very much running away from trying to hit those all-important head shots.

The controls are a little dodgy. For instance, the WASD controls get a little stuck and necessitate your firing an arrow to get them unstuck. Luckily, your ammo is unlimited so it's not a big deal, but it can get aggravating.

I would also dock the game some points on its world building and dialogue. It's a little late in the day to be making Skyrim jokes and referencing where on your leg you took an arrow. You can make a simple game a masterpiece with the right one-liners, and these ain't the right one-liners.

Still, for a simple, heroic flash adventure RPG, it's a cut above the rest. The graphics are beautifully executed and the music is wonderful, with a guitar theme that calls to mind Gustavo Santaolalla's guitar theme from The Last of Us. You will honestly enjoy playing through, and the challenge is high enough to give you a sense of real accomplishment for beating your way through the levels.

Dragosha has already announced Barons Gate 3, so this train isn't stopping. Might as well get on board.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.