Free Game Day: Severe Road

It's Friday, and we know you're just going to play on the Internet until it's time to leave work. Each week we'll be bringing you a free flash game to help the time pass!

Game: Severe Rpad Genre: Run and Gun Made By: Deqaf Studio Play at: Armor Games Rating: 3 out of 5

This week I felt the need for a little more violence, and Severe Road was right up my alley. In it, you play a hard-chinned mercenary who has been hired to protect the cargo on a train. You're so damned hardcore that you actually shoot the other guy who was hired to help you right at the beginning in order to collect the bigger bounty yourself.

It's a fairly simple game. You move back and forth on the train with the WASD keys and fire your gun using the mouse. Your enemies paratroop in or come riding alongside the train on motorbikes Mad Max style. Eventually there will be gyrocopters (Who automatically constitute a loss if they make it to the engine before you take them out), and machete wielding madmen that do easily three times the damage of people with guns.

It's not a hard game by any stretch of the imagination. You'll probably get hung up on the third or fourth level if you were trying to save your loot for a big purchase item in the end of level store, or sacrificed it all trying to max an attribute. Personally, I thought the wild spray of bullets was my problem and dumped cash into accuracy to try and fix that.

It led only to an impasse, but luckily the game allows you to still spend cash you earn in failed missions. Evening out the attributes levels up your gun total, so that's clearly the path the game wants you to take.

Unfortunately, that does negate the little amount of strategy that you get in the sort of game. In the end it's point and kill, point and kill, with only the barest amount of dodging and target priority to give you a thrill.

On the other hand, it reminds me a lot of the old Gunsmoke shooter on the NES. Again, not a deep game by any measure, but it was always a good time. You pick up something like Severe Road for the simple join of being an outlaw with a license to honorably murder, a bit of bloody control to take the edge off of dronehood.

You can easily beat it in an afternoon without sacrificing too many brain cells. I did, and it was worth every shot.

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