Free Game Day: Triple Adventure

It's Friday, and we know you're just going to play on the internet until it's time to leave work. Each week we'll be bringing you a free flash game to help the time pass!

Game: Triple Adventure Genre: Puzzler Made By: Armor Games Play at: Armor Games Rating: 3 out of 5

I have a soft spot for bleak little sidescrolling puzzle games. Limbo of course, but also things like Little Wheel that just like to hint at the sadness of their worlds. They're like tiny little interactive O. Henry stories.

In that vein comes Triple Adventure. No, the screencap isn't blurry. The whole game takes place through this static haze reminiscent of an early Lynch film. Our heroes are three identical young boys whose only defining features are that they are three different sizes. You goal is to get all three boys from one end of the screen to the exit.

The large one is the strongest and can serve as a stepping stool. The smallest can squeeze through gaps. The middle jumps the furthest. In practice it's a lot like the Lost Vikings games, but in miniature.

Overall the puzzles are not difficult and you're not going to really be honing your puzzle skills here. Most solutions are laughably simple. On the other hand, though, games of this sort are sold on their atmosphere. You're just dropped right into this dismal, empty city grimly guiding three forms that could be dead souls on the way to perdition for all you know. They're blank slates perfect from projecting dark thoughts onto.

If you enjoy the sort of weird indie films that college film students make in black and white then this is the kind of game that was made to waste an afternoon with. It's fun, but a little deeper than most. A good game for a sad person. They out to loop This Mortal Coil's "It'll End in Tears" behind it.

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