Friday Night: Goodbye, Mixers & Elixirs

The beautiful people came out to play Friday night for the Houston Museum of Natural Science's last Mixers & Elixirs ever. The museum was packed from the Texas Wildlife to the Malacology exhibit, with partygoers sipping on cocktails and bobbing their heads to the beat of the music. Local Latin/Tropical artists Grupo Ka-Che provided those toe-tapping tunes and kept the crowd salsa dancing the night away.

Even before partygoers reached the long line to get in, they were enticed with delicious small bites from a food truck parade. Frosted Betty Cupcakes, The Rolling Hunger, Doggie Style Hot Dogs and more provided the evening's snacks.

Not surprisingly, one of the most visited exhibits was the gems and minerals hall. What better way to a good time than getting sloshed, meandering through dark corridors, admiring the 450 exotic specimens, daydreaming out loud with your girlfriends about which stone you want in your engagement ring? Maybe a drink or two was spilled in the Smith Gem Vault, but luckily no one conjured the drunken bravado to try and break into the 2,000-carat blue topaz display.

As we told you, Mixers & Elixirs is ending due to the 2012 expansion of the museum. The last one proved to be a huge success; even the dinos seemed to me to be having a good time.

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