Friday Night: The Big Show at Lawndale; Little Big Show at WarHous

Check out our pictures from The Big Show and The Little Big Show, both in one handy slideshow.

If you have ever spent any time outside at dusk in Houston, then you have seen the mesmerizing attractive powers that a porch light has on the various flying insects of the Texas night.

Kamila Szczesna's work, "Flux #9," created the same type of awe on Friday night at Lawndale Art Center. The light-boxed work attracted praise and fascination, standing out as a beacon in a room full of paintings, photographs and sculptures. Her piece is both technical and personal, joining science and emotion with a transcendence that kept admirers in observation for extended periods of time.

Works such as this will always be the highlight of "The Big Show."

Main Street was filled with art lovers and art makers on Friday night for the annual juried open-call exhibition, aptly named "The Big Show," at Lawndale Art Center. The art space estimates that more than 900 entries were submitted for consideration by 381 artists. The artists were required to live in Houston or within a 100-mile radius of the city. The show opened on Friday night and runs through August 11.

Lawndale enlisted the help of Marco Antonini, Gallery Director for NURTUREart in Brooklyn, New York, to jury the show. The Big Show 2012 award winners, who will each receive $500 in cash prizes, were:

Kassandra Bergman Celia Butler Hogan Kimbrell Alexander Larsen Angel Oloshove Lucia Pena

Congratulations to the winners. Many of the entries that didn't make the cut at Lawndale were on display one block away at Warhouse Visual Studios, the art space helmed by local artist Dandee Warhol. Patrons enjoyed a variety of pieces that ranged from risqué to street art.

Here are a few of the most interesting pieces at each gallery:

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