Friends in High Places Kicks It Old School

Saturday night, Art Attack ventured over to the lesser-known Summer Street studios for the opening of Chuntaro Jones Studio's Friends In High Places. The show transported us back to our college days when someone's dorm room would transform into a DIY art exhibition, complete with red Solo cups and a keg. Getting back to their roots is exactly what Friends curators and installation artists Aimee Jones and skeez181 intended to do. Jones and skeez have been working in the Houston art scene for years, but had been feeling a loss for the process of making art for the sake of art.

This old school sensibility culminated in the couple's first collaborative project, a 15-foot bamboo shack strung with images, photos, drawings and mixed-media collage, much of it splattered in day-glo pinks and greens. Once inside the art-hut, you are surrounded by smaller framed works of a similar sentiment. The piece is entitled "The House that Aimee and Skeez built aka The Smoke Shack," which we assume is meant to convey the adolescent nature of their work. If you are looking for high art, this is not it, but if you are in search of solace from the often-pretentious feel that surrounds the art scene, the "Smoke Shack" might be the place you have been searching for to hang your weary beret.

The other Friends featured in the show are Jason Villegas and Mindy Kober. Villegas's installation, "Whitey Biennial Banner," dominates the front wall of the studio, a large eagle designed out of repurposed fabrics and clothing. The eagle is adorned with trappings that accentuate the Native American feel to the piece; "tribal symbols" made from random objects dangle from the eagle's chest. It's an attention-grabbing piece of work; it's symbolism evident.

Mindy Kober's work, "Trance Incidental," was tucked away in a dark corner of the studio, and described as an exploration of time and space on paper. Like the other works there, Kober's is vivid and colorful; dinosaurs and space ships and dragons (oh my!) collide onto the page. While I enjoyed it, I felt like I had seen it somewhere before, maybe in the Heavy Metal cartoon?

Friends in High Places will be on display through November 5, with viewing available by appointment.

The Chuntaro Jones Studio is located at 2500 Summer Street, on the second floor, studio 1B. For more information visit www.feelbetterforeveraimeejones.com or call 713-677-4421.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.