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From Head to Toe: The Cleo Collection From Cuteheads

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It's hard to ignore the amount of cute over at Cuteheads, the local kidswear company headed by Esther Freedman. Now, with the introduction of the new Cleo Collection, Freedman is looking to expand her brand, which focuses on stylish, practical fashion for kids.

Featuring topknots, diaper covers, and blankets made of organic cotton, the Cleo Collection is designed for the baby. Not "the baby who loves fashion" or "the baby who has everything"--just "the baby." Because soft, comfy, wearable clothes are all babies need, guys.

Since its inception, Cuteheads has found a following with parents (and Professional Aunts, like myself) who prefer a practical approach to dressing kids. "I see Cuteheads as a lifestyle brand for kids," said Freedman. "Everything is super-cute, super-comfortable, and we're all about getting dressed easily in the morning. A two-year-old isn't always easy to dress, but if you create a brand affinity a kid will ask, "Mommy, can I wear my lamb shirt today?" and the process is easier."

A few months ago, Freedman decided to create a test collection of headbands, beanies, and other baby accessories, and the collection performed well. Using all-cotton, organic jersey, the collection was a success, which led to the creation of the Cleo Collection. Like the brand's regular collection, Cleo is designed to work as everyday wear. "I never wanted to do anything too "frou-frou" or occasion-driven. These are everyday clothes for kids--something they will love, and [parents] will love. I try to do unexpected colors and color combinations, and everything is on-trend, which I personally like for my own child," said Freedman. Cuteheads kids need to be comfortable first, and adorable second; color combinations are dictated by trends, not gender, so don't expect pink for girls and blue for boys. "Combinations like purple and navy, or lime green and aqua blue, aren't traditional but are really cute for girls."

The focus on fit is for the benefit of both parents, and kids. When it comes to dressing a kid, fit and comfort are paramount, says Freedman. "They are the only things that matter to kids. Is the head hole too small? Is it difficult to put on? If it's hard to put on, a kid will try it once and never try again. Parents gravitate toward things that are easy to wear, and my hope is that kids will want to wear Cuteheads over and over again." The larger Cuteheads line is manufactured in the United States--Los Angeles--but the new Cleo Collection is being sewn together right here in Houston. In addition to having a fit model right at home, Freedman says that having a baby has helped her refine the brand to suit the needs of both parents, and the kids who wear the clothes.

You can shop Cuteheads new Cleo Collection--along with the regular line, and the Rough & Tumble line of boys' T-shirts--online. Go ahead--try to resist the cute.

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