Gallery Report: Done, But Not Finished

Who says an artwork has to be finished before it can be put on display? Artist Andrew Cloud addressed that question Friday night with the opening of his show "False Starts: The Unfinished Paintings of Andrew Cloud" at Khon's in Midtown (where Art Attack was once a bartender). Faced with a collection of works he simply couldn't bear to work on any longer, Cloud resigned to simply show them as-is. The result is a fascinating display of both personal subjects and pop-culture portraits in fragments and varying states of completion. And despite Cloud's considering them "unfinished," the paintings still manage to impress. Like abandoned children and forgotten celebrities, they give off a damaged aura.

"False Starts: The Unfinished Paintings of Andrew Cloud" is on view through October 6 at Khon's, 2808 Milam, 713-523-7775

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