galleryHOMELAND Presents the Dark Work of Domokos Bencze'di

This weekend, Houston's galleryHOMELAND presented the first solo exhibition by artist/musician and experimental noise band, Future Blondes contributor, Domokos Bencze'di. VANISH 3: DOMOKOS, is a large scale installation that will evolve and change over the course of its one month run in the gallery though ongoing performances, "noise sets" and live events.

Currently on display at the gallery is what can be described as the "backbone" of the piece, which consists of mixed-media, projection, print and sculpture. The whole thing feels of a dystopian, futuristic world, especially given the gallery's stark warehouse milieu. Patrons may think that they just drifted onto the set of sci-fi noir film, Blade Runner.

There is one main image in this piece that has been recreated in multiple fashions throughout. It is of a woman's lower face, dark black lips are surrounded by a series of symbols, letters, maybe they are even hieroglyphics, but they seem to come from a world far, far into the future.

Toward the back of the gallery, two copies of the image are projected against the wall, side-by-side. While the images may be identical, they are being manipulated in vastly different fashions. The projection shifts, colors spin and shift, explode and disappear all together; stare long enough and you might go into an epileptic seizure.

In addition to the repeating image, there are glass cases filled with crumpled up black and white prints that resemble a mish-mash of photo negatives, highlighted by blue light. Adding to the destructive element of the work are scatterings of cracked mirrors, random smashed electronics and hardware.

Everything here is dark and broken. Given Bencze'di's background as a noise creator whose music is a series of scrapes and pulses, the visual representation of his musical concepts is not surprising. It's definitely strange, enigmatic, nihilistic, perhaps even foreboding. While I can't honestly say that I "got it," it did make me think, and sometimes that is all that art needs to do.

VANISH 3 :DOMOKOS runs through November 9 at galleryHomeland.

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