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Game Of Thrones: The Series Vs. The Book

HBO's epic series based on George R.R. Martin first novel in the Song of Ice and Fire series concludes next month. I've been doing my best to sum up the adventures of the Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens each week in such a way that newcomers to the story wouldn't be overwhelmed by the sheer tonnage of characters and storylines weaving their way through the series.

But having read the books (several times) and receiving a convenient lead-in from last week's newbie observations entry from Rich Connelly, I thought I'd go the opposite route and look at some key differences between the series and the book it's based on. Because anal retentive nitpicking is what we do. In America.

And unlike my show recaps, things are going to get fairly spoiler-y after the jump. If you're looking to avoid surprises for the rest of the season (and next, for that matter), you've been warned.

Emphasis added for the first commenter, who apparently flunked the reading comprehension portion of their SATs..

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