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Game of Thrones: "You're a Talker. Listening to Talkers Makes Me Thirsty."

Welcome back! Did everyone have a good...ten months or so? Making progress in your post-Red Wedding therapy? Good, good.

I was reminded during last night's season premiere of Game of Thrones that HBO does this thing were they more or less spoil the impending episode by giving you such specific previews you can pretty much guess what's coming (see also The Wire). It can be helpful, though, given the sheer tonnage of characters on the show. It also provides a refresher on why certain characters bear certain grudges. Think of it as a review session on your first day back from summer vacation.

Last night introduced a few new characters (I know, I know), and reacquainted us with some old ones, albeit rather briefly, thanks to Arya and the Hound.

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