Gaybrahams & Babe-Rahams: The Best Pop-Culture Abe Lincolns Ever

This week you will hear more about Abraham Lincoln than you have probably ever heard in your life, unless you are more than 150 years old and remember when he was president in the 1860's.

With the wide release this Friday of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and it being an eventual Oscar contender this coming winter, you will only hear more about our 16th Commander-In-Chief.

REWIND: Reviews For The Easily Distracted: Lincoln When the first trailer for Lincoln was released, many people balked at DDL's Abe voice, thinking it shrill and whiny, but historical accounts have always described Honest Abe's voice high and wavering, with a tinge of a Southern drawl. Of course DDL wins again.

And that's just it, pop culture has always painted Lincoln as a tall and booming figure with a stovepipe hat and gruff, somber voice. We can't handle him being a normal person.

Thankfully pop culture has given us plenty of Lincoln's to laugh at, making the somber, slave-freein' president a comical figure.

The Abraham Lincoln Money Shot Channel

Perhaps no one in late-night TV has done more for the legacy of Lincoln than Conan O'Brien, whether he's visiting a gaggle of them (and bringing his own Slutty Mary Todd Lincoln) or imagining a TV channel of just Lincoln ejaculating in 2000. Safe for work, since you don't see any Honest Abe Juice.

Bill & Ted's Lincoln

This, sadly, is how most people see a living and breathing Lincoln, from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Maybe it's not so bad after all. At least this Lincoln was fun-lovin'.

Electric Six's "Gay Bar" and few dozen gay Abes

Who knows, maybe after he freed the slaves Lincoln was about to push for gay rights, and getting really, really fit. A Gaybraham Lincoln if you will.

Slutty Abraham Lincoln

If you have haven't heard of Slutty Abraham Lincoln, then your life is incomplete.

The Whitest Kids You Know's Angry Abe

This is my favorite way to envision the Great Emancipator, as an angry Juggalo-like thug ruining a night at the theater for everyone. What. What. What. What. Also, one of the funniest sketches from the dark-horse comedy series and troupe.

Mr. Show's Lincoln Fights For Mustardayonnaise

Mr. Show's Lincoln fought for our rights -- violently -- to have both mustard and mayonnaise in the same jar, just like whites and blacks in the 19th century.

Hank Jr.'s Lincoln

One can only imagine what the real Lincoln would have thought about Bocephus' take on him.

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