Generation Z, meet The Cocteau Twins

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The Cocteau Twins, Ivo

They Speak The Language Of The Heart

There are websites where Cocteau Twins fans offer their own translations and interpretations of Fraser's lyrics which, on first, second, and several hundred listens, often sound like poetically phrased gibberish. Fraser has volunteered that occasionally she made up words, but more often creatively articulated the syllabic make up of the Queen's English to transform individual words into sounds. She also included words from languages other than English in her lyrics. In this time of OMG, ROTFL, and #Spanglemaker, you may find, Gen Z, that what speaks to your heart isn't yet another acronym, abbreviation, or hashtag, but instead the so-called "gibberish" sung with great feeling by the lovely Ms. Fraser.

The Cocteau Twins, The Spangle Maker

Perhaps you'll be inspired to write your own translation of what Fraser is singing? And maybe "sharing" your poetic interpretations on the Internet isn't such a bad thing, but you do have the option to keep some things to yourself and let the mystery be.

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