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George Lucas Strikes Back: A New Hope for Star Wars

Art Attack has this dream that sometime during the '80s and '90s, unknown persons or creatures with sinister motives began kidnapping the creators of our most beloved pop culture in order to replace them with doppelgangers hoping to ruin their legacies. Why? Couldn't tell you. Maybe Yoda's wisdom and the Moonwalk are the only weaknesses our future alien conquerors have. Maybe the demons of Jersey Shore can't inhabit the same reality as Axl Rose and the Ultimate Warrior so they removed the impediment.

Just a dream, but the Mike Litzenberg and Bridge Stuart at Slick Gigolo have come through on a new video that let's us live out that dream a little. Sometime after the release of Indiana Jones and the original Star Wars trilogy, George Lucas was abducted and held captive for 20 years while his double walked around urinating midichlorians all over the galaxy far, far away.

Like one of his own heroes, Lucas escapes and recruits a powerful band of rebels. Short Round, Princess Leia (Now a stripper, didn't see that one coming at all), and Chewie all join their former mentor in the cause. Together they mount an attack on all that is modern Hollywood.

We sat down with Litzenberg and Stuart to ask them a few questions about the short film.

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