Get Wet, Get Wild, Get Dancing: The Top 10 Photos of the Week

We here at the Houston Press have long believed that some of the best photographers in the world live right here in Houston. Between the slideshows and blogs we publish and the images you share with us in our Flickr Pool, we see tons of amazing photos every week, and this is our chance to celebrate our favorites.

This week's photos include fun on the water, fun in the water, fun above the water, and fun on the dance floor.

John Sheely's
Photo by Gary Wise.

That is a mighty fine looking hot dog.

Photo by Cynthia Azzam.

Well... this will haunt our nightmares for a while.

Gotta love fans in matching shirts.

Kayak & Pony Girder Railroad Bridge over Cedar Bayou, Baytown, Texas 1309281503BW
Photo by Patrick Feller.

Better get out on the water now before it gets too cold.

Gateway Fountain
Photo by B. Tse.

Kids get to have all the fun.

Numbers celebrating by doing what they do best: DANCE PARTY!

Australia's Strange Fruit
Photo by Arie.

That's one way to make friends.

JJ Watt provides the best pictures.

Photo by Arie.

Sometimes we all just have to make the leap and go for it. This dog knows what's up.

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