Get Your Gore On! A Guide to This Month's Horror Movie Lineup

Just about this time every year, we crack open our trunk full of DVDs and VHS (Of course we still watch VHS) and dust off our horror movie collection. No matter how many times we've seen The Exorcist, the head-turning scene still freaks us out. With the spooky season upon us, there is no reason to sit on your couch relishing in Drew Barrymore's demise in Scream all by your lonesome. This month, Houston's silver screens are jam-packed with showings of your favorite classic horror flicks. To make your slasher-loving existence that much easier, here is your go-to guide for ghoulish movies playing around town.

Wednesday, October 12 Shaun of the Dead QUOTE-ALONG (West Oaks) Alamo Drafthouse West Oaks Maybe this isn't the scariest of movies, but it's got zombies, and they are totally hot right now.

Thursday, October 13 The Thing Alamo Drafthouse Mason (Katy) An alien life form with the ability to take over other bodies is on the loose and no one knows who may already have been taken over. Ahh!

Fathom Thriller Thursdays Various locations around Houston Fathom Thriller Thursdays is showing two horror-tastic movies in one night. Up first is Butterfinger the 13th, the story of a creepy camp legend called the Masked Butterfinger Butcher. Then, immediately following, is the docu-drama Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story about the famed London serial killer.

Friday, October 14 - 15 The Nightmare Before Christmas River Oaks Theatre Tim Burton's claymation masterpiece that blends your two favorite holidays into one, starring the confused Jack Skellington and the dreaded Sandy Claws!

Saturday, October 15 Monster Squad & Night of the Creeps Alamo Drafthouse West Oaks It's a Fred Dekker double-dose of '80s cheese-gore for the price of one.

Wednesday, October 19 The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Bellaire City Library This 1947 black and white classic comedy was nominated for an Oscar for its cinematography and stars Gene Tierney as Mrs. Muir and Rex Harrison as the cantankerous ghost.

Friday, October 21 - 22 Zombie (New digital restoration of Lucio Fulci's classic!) River Oaks Theatre We told you zombies were hot right now and Lucio Fulci was the first to bring them (back) to life.

Wednesday, October 26 Horror Remix: Zombies 2 Alamo Drafthouse West Oaks A "Horror Remix" is taking a bad horror film, cutting out all the filler and condensing the central plot, gore, cheese and nudity into approx. 30-40 minutes, giving you plenty of time to drink at least two beers. Here, they'll revisit two features from the late '80s (The Video Dead and FleshEater) and jam pack the rest with plenty of extra goodies that will rack up a massive body count.

Friday, October 28 - October 29 The Rocky Horror Picture Show River Oaks Theatre There's nothing scarier than seeing real, live people dress up and act out every scene from this movie.

October 28 - 30 Kuroneko (Yabu no naka no kuroneko) (MFAH) Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Demon movies can also be cultural! In war-torn medieval Japan, a demon rips the throats of the local samurai in this 1968 film.

Monday, October 31 The Wolf Man (1941) Miller Outdoor Theatre October 31, 201 "Even a man who is pure at heart/And says his prayers by night/May become a wolf when the wolf-bane blooms/And the moon is full and bright."

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