Glee: "Appalachian Murder Ballads"

Thank the ghost of Harvey Korman for Carol Burnett, for it was her still spunky at 77-year-old presence on last night's episode that prevented the thing from weighing overwhelmingly on the more sober side of "comedy-drama."

It couldn't be helped, I suppose. We've been building up to a climax in the whole Kurt/Karofsky thing for a while now, and timely as the topic of anti-gay bullying is, it made sense to finally see the storyline though to its logical conclusion.

The "non-tragic" one, that is. This is still a family show after all.

The episode opened with the not-so surprising announcement that Burt and Carol are getting married. The happy news is broken up by Burt's discovery, weeks after the fact, that Karofsky threatened to kill his son, and he does what any father would do when confronted with such news: first he throws Karofsky into a locker, then asks soon to be son-in-law Finn why he hadn't stepped in.

It's a legitimate question. When the girls ask the guys on the football team (Sam, Artie, Mike, Finn...not Puck, he's still on probabtion) to confront Karofsky, Finn begged off. The reason? Karofsky's his right guard, and this might cause him to get knocked out of a game and lose his starting position. However, Finn is a right-handed quartberback, so it isn't like he'd be blind-sided. Plus, we can see from this clip he has a pretty weak arm, so maybe he should reinvent himself as a running-type QB or switch positions entirely.

When even the kid in a wheelchair has the balls to confront a 250 pound rage-a-holic, it's time to question your intestinal fortitude. Finn comes around in the end, but by then it's too late, as we'll see.

Man, where has Carol Burnett been? She made an appearance on, like, Law & Order: SVU a couple years back, but I actually thought she might be dead. It was good to see her classing up the joint as Sue's Nazi-hunting mother (her appearance last night explained: "we found the last one"). The two duet on "Ohio" from Wonderful Town.

That song was the first performance of the episode, and didn't come until 24 minutes in, which has to be some kind of record.

Burnett's appearance was part of an exceedingly silly subplot involving Sue marrying herself that went nowhere except to provide us some relief from the Kurt-heavy episodes of late (though her tracksuit wedding dress was really quite fetching). His ordeal has apparently come to an end. Not with Karofsky's expulsion, though that did briefly occur, but rather with Burt and Carol's decision to use their honeymoon money to send Kurt to Dalton Academy, where he'll presumably be safe from anti-gay violence, and safe to get cozy with Blaine.

I can't call it a "twist," because you saw it coming a month ago, but while sending Kurt to a competing school will open up some possibly interesting narrative avenues, it also feels like a bit of a cop out. If Fox is trying some sort of "ripped from the headlines" thing, they're doing a disservice to the thousands of kids who are unable to flee their antagonists by enrolling in a swanky private school.

Anyway, the Burt and Carol get hitched. The club performs Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are," oh, and Quinn accepts Sam's promise ring after he joins in the fight with Karofsky. See guys? All you have to do to impress a woman is get your eye blackened by a guy who outweighs you by 70 pounds. Using that logic, I should have been pimp daddy of junior high.

Next week, Sectionals finally roll around, and we get to see if New Directions' utter lack of preparation for lo these many months will have any negative repercussions.

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