Go Vintage Texan

This morning, ArtAttack is pleased to report that the elementary schools of Houston are thronged with children in their Go Texan Day best. Though many a 10 year-old boy refused the western shirts their mothers urged upon them, many others, to use a phrase perhaps coined for another purpose, rocked their western wear and did so with flair. Of course there were hats, jeans and boots everywhere, but combined with tutus, serapes, shorts and almost any other improvement on traditional western dress you might care to imagine.

So, with the children safely prepared for their date with the incoming trail riders (if they live along the right routes, that is), it's time for you to consider your own western wear options. Assuming you're not going the tutu/serape/hot pink hat route, what's the best way to go here? Does rodeo chic even exist?

There are several schools of thought on this, but we're going to err on the safe side and advise that for ultimate dignity preservation, a vintage ensemble is advisable. We hit the Buffalo Exchange in Montrose (1618 Westheimer), where they're doing a brisk business not just in boots but in head-to-toe rodeo looks, and from the appearance of things, leather vests for men and picnic-table-style red and white checks for women are all the rage. Get over there fast, before it's too late. And for next year, in case you want to get a jump on the competition, we'll reveal our tried and true rodeo-preparation secret: troll eBay in January. That's where the best deals are to be had.

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Jenny Staff Johnson