Goldilocks in Zombie Land... Well, Why Not?

Jeff Hughes is the owner of the Dallas/Ft. Worth based independent comic book publishing company Comic Book Divas. In two weeks, he'll be a guest of our fair city at the Comicpalooza convention. There, he will debut his latest book, Goldilocks in Zombie Land.

Ah, zombies. We'd say they're too mainstream these days, but until Live Free or Twi Hard Part 2 is safely out of the theaters and done ruining vampires and werewolves forever, they may be a horror fan's only hope. We've already seen them dropped into the Marvel universe, Jane Austen's world, and pretty much anywhere and everywhere that a little rotting flesh and cannibalism could punch up a story.

What Hughes has done with Goldilocks in Zombie Land is fairly similar. Goldilocks and her band of zombie hunting friends Bo Peep, The Woodsman, and Jack From The Bean Stalk fight, hack, slash, and shoot their way through a horde of fairy tale zombies in order to reach Castle Tower the last safe haven in StoryBook 2012 and the home of Queen Rapunzel.

Hughes' world keeps your familiar fantasy trappings such as horse drawn carriages, quaint houses and the like, but cars and modern weaponry are employed in Goldilocks' battle against the undead. The spread of the deadly reanimation virus is a direct result of the Three Blind Mice eating tainted cheese. They make like plague rats until StoryBook 2012 is under a full-on Brooks Level 3 pandemic.

Goldilocks seemed an odd choice to us as the head ghoul killer, but as Hughes points out, there is a lot more courage to her traditional tale than we'd ever considered.

"In the story, Goldilocks literally breaks in and enters a house eats the food, makes herself at home and even goes to sleep in a bed," said Hughes. "On top of all that, she does it in a house full of bears. That is pretty gutsy. Also the character has always seemed to be very determined and a leader."

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