Good Friday, Good Reads: From the Fashion Glossies

It's Good Friday, so even if you are at work, we have to suspect your productivity is low. It's just a guess. If the phone isn't ringing and incoming mail is at a standstill -- you know, because the rest of us have the day off? -- we have compiled some of our favorite "must-reads" from the fashion glossies to get you through the day.

Before we dig into the high-end fashion goodies, let's quickly follow up on our story about fitness fashion from earlier in the week. In the article, we discussed when to spend and when to save on workout gear; this month's issues of both SELF and Women's Health have articles on the best fitness shoes for you. Women's Health also profiles the best sports bras -- thanks for the support, WH!


Nail polish is the big story this spring. According to The New York Times, nail polish sales are growing fast, in part because of the poor economy; nail polish is seen as an affordable way to accessorize when money is tight. This Vogue slideshow covers the best pastels for Easter.

Nail polish is hot for spring, but guess what? Spring is over! Check out what's coming for Fall 2012 in Vogue's Guide to 2012 Fall Fashion. Fashion moves fast, folks.

Kristen Wiig is one of the hottest women in Hollywood right now. The Rochester, New York, native took over New York City on the Saturday Night Live stage and now she's taking Hollywood by storm. Get to know Kristen in Vogue's short but entertaining profile of the writer/actress/comedian.

If you love fashion, you know the name "Mario Testino." Get a look inside the photographer's Los Angeles home.

Harper's Bazaar

All of your favorite fashion glossies are going to have their take on the Fall 2012 collections. Harper's Bazaar's Fall 2012 Runway Report slideshow is ready for review.

Sabine Heller visits India and shares her slideshow from the trip -- talk about gorgeous, moving imagery.

More "recessionista" tips for the budget-conscious can be found in "Drugstore Confidential." The best beauty products on the cheap.

Marie Claire

In "Designing Women," Marie Claire reviews the growing power of female designers in the fashion world.

"20 Greatest Movie Dresses" may be total subjective fluff, but it's fun subjective fluff.

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