Good News, Ladies: Jesse James Is On The Market Again (And We Have His Match.com Profile) #jessejames

It seems like just yesterday that Jesse James and then-wife Sandra Bullock split after he was having affairs with a bazillion busty, tatted-up 20-somethings who liked to have Nazi-themed sex.

What a catch.

It seemed that Jesse had found love again with LA Ink star / tattoo artist / Eagles of Death Metal muse Kat Von D, a pairing we weren't quite sure what to make of. On the one hand, she seemed to be conform to type (tattoos, under 30); on the other hand, she's a successful, career-driven woman, and we all saw what happened the last time he was paired with someone similar.

In any case, if you haven't heard, Jesse and Kat have split (shocker, right?). Jesse told People magazine it was the long distance that done the relationship in, but Radar Online reports that the couple were heard arguing over another woman right before they announced their breakup.

Whatever the reason for the breakup, the fact remains that Jesse James is single again. Form a line, ladies.

To help Jesse on his quest for true love, we created a Match.com profile for him with a few suggestions on how he should present himself. But come on, no one's ever completely truthful in those things. View the image after the jump.

Click image to see it larger.

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