Great (Imaginary) Back-to-School Lunchboxes

Very soon schoolkids across the country will be trudging their technology-addicted butts back to school for another year of classes. The Houston Independent School District starts back up again on August 27, and most teachers across the area have already been back in their classes working on lesson plans for students.

One of the least-painful parts about going to school was obviously back-to-school shopping -- supplies, clothes, backpacks -- and if you were lucky, your folks sprung for a lunchbox with your favorite cartoon or TV characters emblazoned on the side, and hopefully it came with a thermos.

Each year around this time, blogs start looking back at classic lunchboxes, be they of the plastic or metal variety. A quick eBay search will show that some of the best vintage lunchboxes can go for upwards of $4,000. A few Beatles boxes go for about a grand.

Makes you kind of wish that your parents didn't trash yours, huh? Of course in honor of the school season we decided to make our own lunchboxes, albeit imaginary ones that do not exist.

The Kate Upton

Be the envy of the lunchroom with this collectable lunchbox featuring America's favorite jiggly bikini model. Keep an eye out on this one; it may disappear during recess.

The Honey Boo Boo

TLC is getting into the lunchbox business with their first ever Honey Boo Boo lunchkit. A special thermos inside keeps your Go Go Juice until lunch hour. The backside of the lunchbox is a mirror so you can make sure you are pageant fabulous all semester long.

The Kimye

What better relationship to emulate with your fifth-grade boyfriend or girlfriend than that of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Relaxing in Ibiza, designing clothes, crying on cue and recording with Jay-Z. We can't think of a better statement to make this school year.

The Romney & Ryan and Obama & Biden

Show your friends which political party you (really your parents) are rooting for this November with your choice of Democratic or Republican presidential nominee lunchboxes*. Included in the artwork are depictions of each party's preferred utopia, the crucifixion of women's rights and the banning of guns of all kinds across the board. Either way, we'll be occupying Iran within a year.

(*Made in China)

Pussy Riot

Everyone's favorite imprisoned and embattled Russian all-girl punk band may be in chains, but that doesn't mean you can't show support for the trio by hauling your special vegan lunch in this limited-edition Pussy Riot lunchbox.

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