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Green With Envy Countdown: 10 Classic Cameos from the Muppet Movies

Earlier this week, the trailer for Green With Envy, Jason Segal's "Muppet" movie surfaced on the interwebs, simultaneously causing shudders of horror and quivers of excitement to resound throughout the world of Muppet fandom.

On the one hand are the purists: followers of the Stewie Griffin school that says (dead-on) all we've got left of Jim Henson's legacy are wrong-sounding Muppets (you think Waldorf and Dr. Teeth are still funny? You're wrong). On the other hand are die-hard muppet (and luke-warm HIMYM) fans who, having been bread-and-buttered on classics like The Muppets Take Manhattan and the Great Muppet Caper and later made to suffer through post-Henson fiascoes like A Muppet Christmas Carol, welcome with open arms a new era of Muppet films, one made by someone who actually "gets it."

But does Segal actually get it? Sure, he broke down and cried when he met Kermit the Frog, so his heart's in the right place. But the road to hell is paved in felt and plastic googly-eyes, and Segal risks his film being ranked somewhere between Muppets From Space and Muppet Treasure Island.

Or maybe we just think about the Muppets way too much.

In any case, Segal's done one thing right: cast himself and Amy Adams in the film. He's also done one thing wrong: cast himself and Amy Adams in the leading roles instead of cameo appearances. Part of the fun of the Muppets is watching to see who will show up next for five seconds of screen time with Miss Piggy.

No one wants to see a Muppet movie in which Muppets are the supporting cast. That's just silly.

Here are 10 of our favorite cameos from Muppet movies.

10. Ray Liotta in Muppets From Space

9. Jennifer Saunders in Muppet Treasure Island

8. Liza Minelli in The Muppets Take Manhattan

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