Guess the Best Of: Win Stuff!

Our annual Best of Houston issue comes out later this week (watch for it online about midday Wednesday), and it's consistently our most most-read issue of the year.

This year's theme, Destination: Bayou City, spotlights the arts & entertainment options that make Houston a destination for leisure lovers. It's our chance to give back some appreciation for the places and people that keep our city competitive in cultural affairs.

But first we want to know if you can guess our picks. There's a prize involved ...

Match the category with the winner of the Best of Houston prize. The first person to match all 15 correctly (or the most correct out of 15) will win a pair of gift cards to a couple of our favorite Houston restaurants. Just leave your guesses, along with your real email address, in the comments section below for a chance to win.


Best Bar Bathroom Best Bar - Washingtom Ave. Best Place to See a Foreign Film Best Festival Best Card Game Best Local Film Best Bar Games Best Place to See a Local Film Best Jukebox Best Local Author Best Photographer Best Actress Best Local Filmmaker Best Poster Artist Best Bartender


Celeste Roberts Bollywood Cinema 6 Houston Fringe Festival Johnette Duff Rebels Honky Tonk Justin Cronin Robbie's Lounge Jason McElweenie The Burlap Barrel Mindy Kucan For the Sake of the Song David Brown Mezzanine Lounge Darkhorse Tavern Dean's Credit Clothing

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