Halloween Costumes, Take the Sexy or Vintage Route

The worst thing about Halloween, besides that it doesn't last all year, is deciding what to dress up as. Some choices are redundant (ooh, a witch, yawn), but new options can get you compliments for your creativity.

Looks such as superheroes, pirates and scary masks for men and boys remain preferred choices. Staples for girls are still princesses and anything girly. Guises inspired by popular movies are favorites for all ages.

Pop culture icons like Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen and the Jersey Shore are projected big hits, but Sharon Weiss, owner of Joe Sam's Fun Shop, says that few customers have shown interest in these items. She notes the surprising popularity spike of the futuristic-Victorian style, Steampunk. Humorous and couples' costumes have also gained popularity.

Weiss tells us that the obvious choice for ladies is to go sexy. Corsets are a major seller this year. Former Playboy Playmate Bridget Marquardt's costume line is a pricier option, but is a top pick for customers nonetheless.

"People are willing to spend more this year than the last few years," Weiss says. "They want to look good when they go out."

Followers of TV shows Mad Men, Pan Am and the recently canceled The Playboy Club have led to a rise in rentals and sales at vintage shop The Way We Wore, says owner Pam Pellegrino. Top themes over the last few years aren't just limited to the 1960s but include themes of 1970s disco fashions, which Pellegrino tells us has been a strong seller for the past five years, and a recent surge in 1980s fashions.

Joe Sam's Fun Shop is located at 1612 Southmore Avenue in Pasadena. The Way We Wore is located at 2602 Waugh Drive.

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