Halloween Makeup Tips for the Non-Zombie

Many of you have already picked out your costume for Halloween and good for you. Personally we plan on carrying around a cardboard square with "YouTube" written on it, singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" and telling people that we're a Rick Roll. Poverty is great for the creative processes.

But maybe you have the scratch to go all out, and if so we want to help. See, while people will go to great lengths to make sure a costume fits, most Halloweiners we know rarely test out their makeup before hand. They just pick up the package that vaguely approximates what they want to look like and assume that anyone can do it.

We're not talking about the latex effects for zombies and monsters, either. We mean the simple-looking stuff you apply for more elegant masquerades. To help you out we've enlisted the aid of two professional makeup artists, Damian Vasquez and Brittany Brandy.

First off though, the most important thing to do before you get dressed is to practice your make-up. Making the night you go out your first attempt is stressful, likely to show in your finished work, and just not any fun. Besides, most of what you are going to buy isn't single use size, so you might as well use it. We'll let the pros take it from here.

The Goth Look (Vampires, Sexy Witches, Etc.)

Brittany Brandy: If you don't want to use the greasy oil based make up from your local "super mart's" Halloween aisle, you can use a foundation that is 4 or 5 shades lighter than your natural skin tone to get that chalky goth look. A matte white eye shadow will also do the trick. For these looks, a smoky eye would be perfect. A lot of brands sell smoky eye kits with tutorials but if you don't want to go all out you can always buy a matte black eye shadow or powder liner (Laura Mercier), silver eye shadow and watch a YouTube tutorial. There a literally hundreds of videos. Now when it comes to black lipstick my favorite is the Make Up For Ever shade 50. It's creamy and hydrating and it will last all night!

Damian Vasquez: Well, many people don't do this sort of makeup on a daily or even weekly basis, so people may not want to invest into professional makeup. Here are a few tips to achieve a look close to what they may want without spending too much....but remember, you may not get the color or the longevity with the non professional products.

Vampires are a Halloween staple...male and female. They are known for their mysterious eyes and beautiful skin and striking features....so that's what we want to do. Vampires don't need to be clown white, but a light fair color foundation from the drug store would do good. For the eyes, deep purples, blues and black are some great colors to use. You can even use these same colors to contour and give dimension to sunken cheeks. Black pencil eye liner for the eyes and lip liner work well too.

Different Skin Tones (Devils, Un-Sexy Witches, Etc.)

Brittany Brandy: Any water activated makeup would be perfect for this. My favorite is the Kryolan Aquacolor. If you don't have time to order this, Frankel's off Polk street carries this. It's very highly pigmented and long lasting.

Damian Vasquez: Witches...they too can be a world of fun or fear. A traditional green witch can be accomplished by using your normal foundation and setting it with green eye shadow instead of setting powder. If you want to add texture to the skin you can always add a second application of foundation with the powder mixed in to create bumps and dry patches. Again, purples and black can be used on the eyes and for contouring on the face.

To change the skin color for a costume such as the red devil, use red blush. Apply liquid or cream foundation and set the foundation by brushing on red blush all over the face. The brush will give you more control on how light and dark you want to go. If you want to go DARK and heavy, apply the powder with a sponge.

Designs (Tiger, Aladdin Sane, Etc.)

Brittany Brandy: For something intricate like stripes or shapes it is very important to use makeup that is smudge-resistant or water-proof so that way your tiger stripes don't end up looking like a two-year-old's finger painting by the end of the night. It is easiest to outline your design with a water proof eyeliner and then go back to fill it in with the Kryolan Aquacolor or water proof cream liner. If you're looking for clean edges you can use tape or the edge of a business card. If you don't have an eyeliner brush, a paint brush will work just fine.

Damian Vasquez: To apply elaborate tiger stripes use liquid with a brush. If you choose to use liquid eyeliner, make sure it is water proof so it won't smear. Also use a light hand to apply...you can ALWAYS add more, but it is harder to take away. Craft stores have great stencils to do shapes. Hold the stencil to the face and use a brush to brush over the stencil.

Maintaining Your Make-Up All Night

Brittany Brandy: There is an array of make up setting sprays out there. The All Nighter from Urban Decay is one of the more popular ones but I prefer Make Up For Ever's Mist and Fix spray. Also test out your makeup before the night of. If it stays greasy for longer than five minutes it's most likely going to stay greasy all night.

Damian Vasquez: To help maintain your makeup through the night, it is better to use water resistant or waterproof makeup. Also, set all you liquid and creams with a light powder.

Washing Up

Brittany Brandy: Usually after a night of wearing Halloween makeup, we spend at least an hour scrubbing away at our face. This usually results in red, sore, inflamed patches of skin and the color stuck in your eyebrow hair for weeks. A great way to avoid this is to use a milk cleanser and massage the cleanser all over. Once you have massaged the cleanser and you look scarier than you started out, you can wipe away the mess effortlessly with tissues. If you don't have a milk cleanser you can always use cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Not only does it break down some of the most stubborn waterproof formulas, it's great for your skin!

Damian Vasquez: Cream cleansers are the best way to remove your makeup without drying your face. Of course you still want to use your regular cleanser and moisturizer so you don't look like a monster in the morning.

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