Happy 50th Birthday, Dave Foley: The Hottest Kids in The Hall Member in Drag

There is no denying that The Kids in The Hall has been one of the most influential sketch comedy programs in the history of television. Before The State, Mr. Show and everything else that came afterwards, it was KITH, riding into our homes like a naughty Canadian Monty Python, saying and doing the things that Saturday Night Live wouldn't dare.

The cast was obviously one of the best comedic teams ever assembled, and today cast member Dave Foley, the baby of the bunch, turns 50 years old. Fellow KITH men Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson are both 53.

Part of the magic of KITH wasn't just recurring characters like Buddy Cole (my fave), The Eradicator, or even Headcrusher or Gavin. It was the fact that the whole cast, one and all, made beautiful women when they were in drag.

Especially Foley, who would continue to don women's clothes even after the show ended, on NewsRadio, It's Pat: The Movie and other projects.

I guess I'm not the only one who found himself confused in the early 1990s watching KITH on Comedy Central. What was it? The eyes? The sass? The long neck?

Let's take a look at the alluring Foley, who made a fine-looking woman, for a man at least.

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