Happy Donald Duck Day: 5 Classic Cartoons

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the first appearance of America's favorite foul-tempered waterfowl, Donald Duck. Donald first surfaced in 1934 in Disney's "The Wise Little Hen," a short musical cartoon in which he hardly shook a fist. The temper came a little later, and Donald shot to fame.

Disney provided him with tons of annoyances, too, to ensure maximum hissy-fitting: he was always stuck with taking care of his bratty nephews probably dropped off by an absent, selfish sibling, and his idiot exterminator could never seem to get rid of the bonehead chipmunks Chip and Dale. His constant companions were a shirtless mouse and a bonehead dog or whatever the hell animal Goofy was. Your speech would become that unintellibible, too, if you had to deal with all of that.

To celebrate Donald Duck Day, we found some great old cartoons starring the loveable curmudgeon. We had to stop ourselves at 5, otherwise, we'd end up embedding all of Youtube, including every episode of Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck.

5. The Wise Little Hen: Donald's First Appearance

4. Donald Gets Drafted: One of Many Propaganda Films Featuring Donald from WWII

3. Corn Chips: With Chip and Dale

2. Donald's Golf Game: Donald and his Nephews

1. The Whalers: Ensemble Cast With Goofy and Mickey

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