Happy Kitteh Christmas! Celebrate With These Improved Movie Posters

Only one thing can make Christmas better -- kittens. Ummm, right?

We guess if you're a kitten person, that would be true. And if you're not, it's a whole lot easier to look at them than to deal with them, so enjoy the card.

And if you're a person who enjoys a good piece of kitty, we present you with the following improvements to six movie posters.

6. Breaking Dawn
Team Mr. Whiskers vs. Team Fluffly Butt!!

5. Bridesmaids
Searching for some joke relating to nicknames for various things relevant to this....searching...searching....

4. The Help
The Venn diagram between people who cried at The Help and people who own kittens: actually very large in the middle.

3. The Hangover Part II
Like all kittens, you can't get them to change their behavior. So The Hangover Part II is the same as The Hangover.

2. Puss in Boots
Wait, he's already a cat!

1. Thor
In this version, Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor, is made of rubber, squeaks when you squeeze it and has a little tinkling ball inside.

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