Here's Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin: Will She Be Better Than Tina Fey?

Just today, the filmmakers behind HBO's upcoming feature Game Change, released the first photo of actress Julianne Moore as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. The film will chronicle the 2008 presidential election and will also star Ed Harris as Senator John McCain.

We have to say that Moore will more than likely clean up at every single awards show for her role as Palin, and not just because it seems America likes to laugh at her. Moore is obviously a powerhouse, and it will be interesting to see her disappear inside Palin. Yeah, that sounded dirty.

But of all actresses who have played Palin, who does it best?

Gina Gershon

Tina Fey

Lisa Ann

As you can see, the answer all really depends on what time of day it is, or whether or not your wife or girlfriend is home at the time.

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