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High-Brow, Low-Brow, More Arts Writers Needed for Art Attack

If you've ever wanted to write about the arts in Houston -- and in some cases the larger world -- and you can put together sentences with some amount of cleverness (knowing grammar rules is also a plus) then Art Attack may have a spot for you.

We are looking to expand our collection of hard-working writers for this blog dedicated to a range of topics: from pop culture of all sorts to evaluations of the visual and performing arts. Opera, photography, comics and commercials -- we look at them all.

We celebrate the arts and the people who practice them here in all their glory (we just finished our annual Houston Theater Awards) but if something doesn't measure up, we'll say so.

Here's where you come in. Needed are self-starters with knowledge of a particular area or areas who can also take direction and work as a team (check out our TV club).

It also helps if you have a wicked sense of humor and probably spent too much time watching TV while you were growing up.

So, if you want to put in an application, here's what you do. Send 3-5 samples of your work (links are fine but do NOT just say 'Check out my entire website) to [email protected] Include three story pitches suitable for the Art Attack blog. And a brief cover letter explaining why you'd want to write for us.

Sooner is better than later so if you're interested, we'd like to hear from you in the next week.

And we'll be back in touch.

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