Hone Your Game with Free Online Flirt Off

Your palms are sweaty, he's glancing over your shoulder. Cue the "I have to pee," and off goes the attractive stranger you were trying to flirt with at the bar. Real-life flirting takes practice, but there's a free online game to help you build confidence before having to face the disappointment of actual rejection.

Flirt Off comes from low-res artist and game designer Diego Garcia a.k.a. Radstronomical, and the objective is simple: Keep a conversation going until your target's heart meter maxes out and then click "Go for it!" to move in for a kiss. Start by selecting a man or lady bod, each with a blond and brunette option, enter your name, a catchphrase (See: Sup, chickens?) and the name of a person you came to the party with. You also get to decide whether you want to flirt with a dude or a lady, then press 'Start!'

A cloud of word bubbles will appear on the screen, and you have to weed out the nonsense options to select the ones that will form a coherent sentence. You can stall by taking a drink, but the more you imbibe, the more confusing the words become. "Damn girl! Whattt arre you stuhdying?" "Damn girl! Doo youu like hoot or colldd uuuuuughh." Go for it!

The hipster-reminiscent outfits of the characters are pretty representative of today's twentysomethings, making Flirt Off hit a little close to home as far as college-age dating is concerned. The payoff is low, but failure is frustrating enough to compel you to keep trying long after it's entirely appropriate for an adult to be playing an online flirting game.

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Nikki Metzgar
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