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Honoring the Atlantis: TV's Cheesiest Space Travel

Two weeks ago, folks crossed their fingers for the sun to come out, gathered in droves at Cape Canaveral to wish the Atlantis's crew a heart-warming send-off, and now, it's time for the shuttle Atlantis to head home. On Thursday, the space ship will touch back down in Florida, ending this country's expedition of reusable shuttles. Some are excited for what the future of NASA holds and others are disappointed that the program ended without completing its original mission. We're not too worried. We know that space travel will continue because we've grown up watching it on television, and TV never lies.

We're just hoping that the next incarnation of spacemen remains as cool and down to Earth as the crew of the Atlantis, because if we've learned anything from television, it's that space travel can turn you into a real cheese ball. In honor of this end of an era, Art Attack put together a list of some of the cheesiest space travel TV shows we could find.

It's About Time Few premises for space travel television programming could be as bizarre as this. It's space, so there's the futuristic element to it, but the two astronauts accidentally travel back into prehistoric times by breaking the speed of light. Naturally, they make friends with cavemen and women - hilarity ensues.

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