Horse Head Theatre Co. Announces It Is Closing up Shop and Holding a Wake

Philip Hays in The Whale. Alas, with the exception of a one-day encore performance of We're Gonna Die, Horse Head Theatre Co. will be no more.
Philip Hays in The Whale. Alas, with the exception of a one-day encore performance of We're Gonna Die, Horse Head Theatre Co. will be no more. Photo by Logan Sebastian Beck
Barely ten years into its existence, Horse Head Theatre Co. announced today that its 2018 season will turn out to be its last. It couldn't stay financially viable no matter the cutbacks it made. But it is going out in stypl

In a press release from Tasha Gorel, the theater's PR manager, social media manager and photographer, it said:

"Due to economic and environmental changes specific to our community, we have become unable to raise enough funds to sustain operations that fully support our artistic vision. Rather than our asking company to return to working for free (as we did for many years), scaling back our programming, decreasing artists’ fees, slashing production budgets, or pursuing unknown and unlikely funding sources, we have made the difficult decision to close as a producing company. We didn’t know it, but 2018 was Horse Head’s final season. And it was a hell of a season." 

There will be one final chance to see Horse Head in action.

"We’ve decided to throw ourselves a wake: a one-night-only encore performance of WE’RE GONNA DIE by Young Jean Lee on Monday, February 11, 2019 @ 8pm at The Secret Group. This event is generously underwritten by Dr. Robert Card & Karol Kreymer. We would love to have you join us at this celebration as we say goodbye to our little theatre company that could." 

Horse Head Theatre won a 2016 MasterMind award from the Houston Press for its significant contributions to Houston's artistic community as well as a Houston Theater Award in 2016 for Best New Play for its original work The Whale; or, Moby-Dick by Timothy N. Evers & Philip Hays.

The final performance of Horse Head Theatre Co, is scheduled for Monday, February 11 at 8 p.m. at The Secret Group, 2101 Polk. For more information visit or https://www.artfully/store/events/17062. $10 pre-sale, $15 at door.
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