Horse Head Theatre: Ready for a Bit of the Old Ultra-Violence?

After two successful shows boasting acting and design talent, plus a penchant for dirty, male-oriented dialogue, Horse Head Theatre is going male-only for its third production, a stage adaptation of Louisiana journalist Bill Buford's acclaimed 1990 non-fiction book Among the Thugs. It's the story of Buford's real-life descent into the world of UK soccer hooligans. He spent eight years traveling to matches and following the "supporters," which is a total misnomer since all they support is fighting--well, rioting to be specific. And Buford found that no mere class distinction had a tendency to breed an addiction to violence. The English hooligans Buford encountered came from wildly different walks of life. Common trait? White male. In fact, UK neo-Nazi groups often recruited new members through the supporters' clubs. The author (who is a character in the play) even participated in brawls himself, lured by the adrenaline rush of mass fighting.

According to Horse Head, "audiences should come prepared to move according to the action taking place around them and should know that the senseless violence that takes place may cause feelings of intrigue, excitement, disgust and disbelief." And maybe a concussion?

The opening is scheduled for Thursday, September 16, at Downtown's Kryptonite (basement of the Magnolia Brewery Building), 717 Franklin.

Not familiar with hooliganism? The following video (which does not contain actual violence) offers a taste.

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