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Hot Pictures of a Young Michelle Pfeiffer

In news that will make us all feel a tad older, actress Michelle Pfeiffer turns 54 years old today. Last seen trying to sex up Zac Efron in New Year's Eve, Pfeiffer will next be in Dark Shadows, coming to theaters on May 11.

Her long and illustrious career has been marked by such classics as Scarface, The Age of Innocence and The Fabulous Baker Boys. Okay, Baker Boys isn't exactly a classic, but she was nominated for an Oscar for it. It's amazing what a blond in a red dress on a piano can do to the Academy.

But I think I, and many others, will love her forever in Batman Returns, as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, because, well, she was in stitched black leather the whole time and it was too much for my nine-year-old self to bear. She was pretty much everyone's crush in the late '80s and early '90s. I may have even asked Santa for her for Christmas one year.

She also has the distinct honor of being in not only Dangerous Liaisons but also Dangerous Minds, the latter affording her the gift of co-starring in a music video with rapper Coolio for his song "Gangsta's Paradise" from its soundtrack.

Of course, I could just post a dozen screen caps from Batman Returns and rest my case, but let's time-trip a little and look at a young Pfeiffer from early in her career. Holy eyebrows, Batman!


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