House of Blues: Whitney Cummings Channels the Crazy

Funny lady Whitney Cummings, the former star of Whitney and the co-creator and writer of the successful comedy sitcom 2 Broke Girls is making a return to the stand-up comedy scene and will soon be making a stop in our city as part of a 30-city tour she's doing around the United States.

She'll be performing at the House of Blues downtown on October 26, her first trip to our town in a while. "I haven't really been to Houston to perform there. I did an improv there ages ago, but I haven't been to the House of Blues, so I'm really looking forward to it," she told Art Attack.

It's been a busy couple of years for the former model. Between making appearances on E!'s Chelsea Lately and writing for her hit show 2 Broke Girls now in its third season, Cummings hasn't really had time for stand-up, and she is looking forward to returning to it. "Stand up ultimately will always be what is my soul, what is the most important thing to me."

Cummings, who got her start on Ashton Kutcher's MTV show Punk'd, started doing stand-up almost 10 years ago now she said.

"Stand-up is very different. You do everything yourself. Writing, performance, revisements, even down to traveling. It's very independent driven, whereas when your doing a TV show it's a lot of collaboration. You're working with writers, you're working with the director. And when you're doing stand-p you're kind of a lone wolf and you're used to doing everything and following your instincts."

Another thing Cummings loves about stand-up is the honesty she says she gets from performing and calls it the "purest form of justice."

"You're performing for a live audience and you know if you're doing your job right away. Whether the audience laughs or not."

She said it's very unlike theater, where there's already a kind of unspoken agreement between the performer and audience, while stand up can be much scarier.

"In stand-up no two performances are ever the same. You're kind of feeling out the audience and channeling your energy... It's much more emotionally violent and it's much more of a tight rope walk. You're up there alone. Not up there with five other people."

Cummings said her life has been a little crazy with all the changes the past few years and she'll be focusing on that for her new routine.

"The theme is kind of about me kind of like breaking open. I went through a heartbreak in the last couple of years and a whole lot of my philosophies and sort of paradigms have been kind of scattered in a lot of ways. So I think its really been about growing up and getting up and I think as I get older I get softer instead of harder, which is probably the opposite of what most people do, so it's coming from a really vulnerable, honest place. I think that it's special. Its sort of me admitting all of the things about myself that no one in their right mind would ever want anyone to know."

Whitney Cummings will be performing October 26 at the House of Blues, 1204 Caroline. 8 p.m. For tickets and more information call 832-667-7733 or visit houseofblues.com. $35.

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