Houston Artist Natalie Irish Appears on Conan, Paints a Coco Portrait (W/VIDEO)

Social media was all a-buzzin' last night as Houston lip print artist Natalie Irish appeared as a special guest on Conan, painting a portrait of a virile, masculine Conan O'Brien cradling a guitar, natch.

The Pearland-bred Irish was the subject of a cover story for us here at the Press just a few years back in which writer Mandy Oaklander profiled the artist and her husband, Dennis Bateman, who live near Manvel.

REWIND -- Cover Story: Natalie Irish Paints With Her Lips

Almost immediately her Facebook, Twitter and professional sites lit up, and Irish even applauded her newfound fans for crashing her site.

Of course now everyone will be wanting their own lip print by Irish since she made O'Brien look so awesome. The host even put on lipstick himself to attempt Irish's craft. He really needs to stick with lighter shades, but that's just my humble opinion.

Irish also made sure to rep Houston during her visit with O'Brien, which should help shed some deserved light on our city's art scene.

A quick note: This was especially fun for me to see, since Irish and I graduated from Pearland High School together in 2001 and have stayed in close contact over the years.

I only hope that she doesn't charge me an arm and a leg -- or pair of lips -- for wedding announcements one day.

In other fun Pearland news -- not art-related though -- Pearland High grad and former University Of Texas Longhorns fullback Fozzy Whittaker signed to the Arizona Cardinals practice squad earlier this week.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.