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Houston Fashion Blogger Taylor McClure Proves You're Never Too Young for Style

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Did you know what you wanted to do with your life when you were 13 years old? Well, neither does Taylor McClure--not necessarily, anyway. McClure, who is in eighth grade, says that while her passion for fashion is what led her to create her own fashion blog, she hasn't mapped out her entire future quite yet. "I started my blog last summer," said McClure. "I'm usually really bored in the summer, and since I love fashion I thought a fashion blog might be fun." One day, while learning how to play the tune "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" the idea for her blog just came to her, and Somewhere Over the Runway was born.

Although fashion counts among Taylor's many hobbies -- she also golfs, and enjoys cross-country and track -- it's certainly a serious one.

McClure is an old soul, in a good way; how many eighth graders are idolizing Audrey Hepburn in 2014? "She's just very classy," explained Taylor. "And, Audrey Hepburn was also a good person--I really like her." Among her other style icons McClure counts Coco Chanel, and Glamour editor Jane Keltner de Valle. "[de Valle] used to write at Teen Vogue, and I just really like her and her style."

Taylor's personal style consists mainly of a school uniform during the week, but she says she uses accessories to express her individuality while in uniform. "Jewelry, so I don't look like every other person--and I have four different pair of shoes to wear to school!" said Taylor, who doesn't mind wearing a school uniform all that much. "It's actually helpful--mornings would be a lot more stressful if I had to pick out clothes!" On weekends, it might take Taylor an hour or two to select an outfit--just about right for a teenager. She cites Nordstrom, Rice Village boutique Soho, and Kate Spade as some of her shopping favorites. "Nordstrom always has a great selection of everything; Kate Spade I mostly shop for accessories." Keeping with her love of golf, Taylor loves to shop lululemon for cute golf skirts. "I must own about 20 of them! I love lululemon so much."

McClure is serious about her fashion aspirations, but leaves the door wide open--also just about right for a teenager. "I really like fashion, but I'm not sure if I should do that as a career, said Taylor." I don't know what I want yet, but I think it would be really fun to work at a fashion magazine. I also think a costume designer for movies would be fun." Although school is her first focus, Taylor's family strongly supports her ambitions. Taylor's mom took her to New York City to take classes at Fashion Institute of Technology the last two summers, and both of her parents were front-and-center when Taylor took second place in last July's Smashin' Fashion stylist competition. "I don't do as much blogging as I would like during the school year, because I like to focus on school so I have enough time to study, and so I can get good grades -- I'm just really busy! Smashin' Fashion was fun, and a little stressful," said Taylor, whose mom stashed her $500 prize away to be spent at another time.

For now, McClure blogs when she can--"I pick topics and write them at random!"--and in her spare time, she's keeping up with all the news from New York Fashion Week. "I've mainly been seeing everything on Instagram," said Taylor, adding that Twitter and the E! Network coverage supplement her Fashion Week fix.

As for her fashion future, Taylor doesn't look too far ahead--just far enough to think about she's wearing this fall. "I am excited to wear more wintry clothes--jackets, and just layering," said Taylor. "I really want a leather jacket! I ordered a camouflage sweatshirt from LOFT, but it's really light. I'm thinking I might wear that with a summery skirt. I'm excited to wear it!"

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