Brad Pitt (and his abs) star in "Fight Club."
Brad Pitt (and his abs) star in "Fight Club."

Houston Film Critics Society Hosts David Fincher Double Feature at the Alamo Drafthouse

This Saturday, September 27, the Houston Film Critics Society is hosting a David Fincher double-feature at the Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park:

Join us for two back-to-back films from one of our great modern directors. We're showing FIGHT CLUB, an adaptation of the once-thought unadaptable novel from Chuck Palahniuk - a film that pummeled its way into audience's psyches, changing everything we thought we knew about reliable narrators, male bonding and social satire. It's inventive, heart-racing, breathless filmmaking that became an instant cultural mainstay. The first rule of FIGHT CLUB is that everybody talks about FIGHT CLUB.

And we're pairing it with a special SURPRISE SCREENING of another Fincher title to be announced later. But c'mon: it's Fincher. You guys can trust us.

Things get underway at 5 p.m. Proceeds from the screening will benefit the Houston Film Critics Society, of which (full disclosure) yours truly is a member. But never mind that, because you get two movies for a mere $7 (tickets can be purchased here). Hope to see you there.

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